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     While the protests in Egypt were the talk of the room Friday at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, Vice President Joe Biden spoke briefly on the the subject and quickly moved to the well-being of our country and his trusts in the United States Senate.

    "Egypt is a country in the midst of the most dramatic changes in the middle east and it's a pivotal moment in history," Biden said. "The President will speak more about this shortly and I don't want to get ahead of him."

    Biden transitioned smoothly into the topics he'd originally planned to speak about.

    "The future of Egypt will be determined by it's people," Biden said. "Right now, Democrats and Republicans are speaking (about the conflict) with the same voice and this will be important."

    Biden continued to press the importance of bipartisanship here in the US by describing the relationship between Senator Mitch McConnell and himself.

    "I'm not naive. I was told nothing would get done during the first two years of our term. It did," Biden said. "Now I'm being told the same thing again and I won't except that."

    Biden then began to speak of his colleagues in the White House and Senate.

    "You can go against other senators, but never go against another senators motives."

    "Everyone runs for office because they love their country," Biden said. "We all believe in the nature of the problems we face. If you're open-minded, then it's impossible not to see the other person's point of view."

    According to Biden, it's crucial that he dispel a few rumors about our country and our government.

    "People say our political system is broken. They say we've fallen behind out competitors and that we'll be mired in war for generations."

    He continued to give statistics as to why he believes those myths aren't true.

    "We are going through a hard time, but we are still three times stronger than any other country in the world."

    According to the Vice President, the current administration has been trying to compromise on just about everything in order to get things done.

    However, there are a few things Biden claimed the administration will not budge on.

    "We will not compromise on issues like education, innovation or infrastructure."

    Biden continued to explain how only 2 percent of our GDP is spent on infrastructure, while China spends 10 percent and how the US has seen a 20 percent decline on infrastructure spending since Eisenhower's presidency.

    To illustrate his position on the funding of education, Biden quoted his wife.

    "Any nation that out-educated us will out-compete us."

    He also gave a message of hope and encouragement.

    "Few generations ever have the opportunity to bend the shape of history," Biden said. "We do."

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