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    "It's like Cheers--everybody knows your name!"

    That's what Emma, one of the patrons at Vines Wine Bar and Spirit Shop, told me when I visited the store's grand reopening party on December 2nd during Bardstown Road Aglow. Having been to Vines before, I have to say that's a pretty apt description, especially that night. In the main room, there's a circle of chairs filled with people laughing and sipping wine. The vibe is relaxed and friendly. Sue, a regular at Vines, tells me that's her favorite thing about it. 

    "Everyone here is super welcoming. That's what sets this place apart. We want people to feel welcome and comfortable when they come in here. And, of course, drink some great wine."

    Let me take a second to explain the "wine bar" aspect of Vines Wine Bar and Spirit Shop. Instead of just offering run-of-the-mill chardonnays or Malbecs, Vines rotates the wine selection available by-the-glass every week. Typically, there are four new whites and reds to choose from every Monday. These wines are handpicked by staff members and experienced sommeliers Logan Nothstine and Marc Demichele, who look for selections you can't find anywhere else in the Louisville area.

    Back to the Cheers vibe. I take a seat in the circle and am immediately welcomed with open arms. With several conversations going on in all directions, one feels the freedom to hop from one to the other. There's also a dog roaming about, which brings me to the occasion of Vine's grand reopening party. Technically, Vines never really closed, but "rebranding" or "renaming" party just didn't have the same ring to it. 

    Before it was Vines Wine Bar and Spirit Shop, the local wine bar and spirit shop was known as Vines & Canines. Dogs have always been welcome at the shop since the original location opened on Frankfort Avenue (it has since moved to Douglass Blvd. in the Highlands). The storefront and bar area are covered with dog-themed decorations and paintings. The idea was to pair founder Marc Demichele's two great loves: wine and dogs. Like stinky cheese and a full-bodied wine, it was a perfect pairing.

    Vines is still as dog-friendly as ever. The only difference is the name, so why the change? "People were confused," Sue tells me with a shrug. "They thought you had to have a dog to come in?" 

    Either way, Vines is a great place to visit by yourself, with a friend or with your dog. You'll always be greeted,welcomed into the "circle of love" (as it's called) and handed a great glass of wine (and yes--you can try out the selections before you commit to a full glass). As Emma said, it's like Cheers, but with wine and dogs. And what isn't made better with wine and dogs?

    Vines Wine Bar and Spirit Shop is located at 1985 Douglass Blvd next to Twig and Leaf in the Highlands. Their new website will up soon, and in the meantime, you can check out their Facebook page.

    Cover Image: Vines Facebook

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