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    With Thanksgiving now only a week away, local chefs have been stepping up to helpfully instruct the layperson in some delicious holiday cooking tips. This Friday, the 18th, join Chef Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia for his “Everything But the Bird” cooking class, to take place at The Wine Studio.

    While the turkey is the focal point of any decent Thanksgiving gathering (ham is not acceptable), what gets loaded up on plates is the stuffing and cranberries and sweet potatoes and bread rolls. Chef Lee will teach attendees how to make “everything but the bird”: oyster-sage dressing, sweet potato-maple mash, porcini gravy, cranberry-pomegranate sauce, butternut squash mac’n’cheese, and ginger-cranberry compote, among others.

    This class costs $85 per person and is very limited, so act quickly. Cooking experience is not necessary, and attendees are asked to bring an apron. All necessary tools will be provided.

    In addition, The Wine Studio is offering a Thanksgiving wine tasting the following day, Saturday the 19th. Thanksgiving feasts present a whole smorgasbord of competing and confliction flavors: “Taste profiles like cinnamon, nutmeg, sage, pumpkin, honey and lots and lots of butter scream out for a big wine but with enough acidity to cut through the calories.” Wines to be profiled include a Vermentino (an Italian white wine with buttery characteristics), an Australian Shiraz, and an Italian rosé Champagne (I’m not sure how that works, but it is insisted that it is in fact a Champagne, not a sparkling wine, from Italy).

    This event costs $25 to attend. Attendees will receive a flight of the abovementioned wines as well as light appetizers.

    The Wine Studio is located at 621 W Magnolia Ave, across the street from 610 Magnolia. Call 502-636-0783 to sign up for either event.

    Photo courtesy of 610 Magnolia Facebook page.

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