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    The University of Louisville is shaking itself off after the scandalous sacking of Rick Pitino. Chris Mack, formerly of Xavier, has signed a seven-year contract as the new men's basketball coach, with Vince Tyra as the new AD. Plus, the women's team has made the Final Four, facing off against the Mississippi State Bulldogs tonight at 7. We had some thoughts:


    Dylon Jones, web editor: I’m reminded of something (editor Josh Moss) said about Trump, and how it’d be nice to go back to having a president you don’t have to think about every day. Even those of us who don’t give a damn about sports ball have scandal fatigue. Though I have to admit, as someone with such a strong aversion to athletics, that it’s been amusing to watch a sports program that sucked up millions more in funding than any academic pursuit I took on at UofL implode so spectacularly.


    Jenny Kiefer, associate writer: At WHAS it's all Chris Mack all the time. It's a little tiring hearing the same things over and over again and trying to find new angles to keep the story going. He's making less than Pitino did and says this is his "last coaching job," so he doesn't plan to leave.


    Anne Marshall, senior writer: UofL women are in the FINAL FOUR! Only basketball story I care about. Well, that and Sister Jean. (Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt, the 98-year-old team chaplain for Loyola-Chicago, earned the attention of national media as she cheered on the Ramblers from her wheelchair during the NCAA tournament.)


    Alexandra Winters, assistant web editor: I'm with Anne. Can we please talk about the Louisville basketball news that's actually exciting? But as far as Mack and the men's team, I just hope that all the drama will finally be over. I'm tired of hearing about it.


    Mary Chellis Austin, managing editor: I’m with Anne too. Though, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t watched a single women’s game this season. Also, my household is half UConn loyalty and is pumped about its new men’s coach as well! Lots of talk about bright basketball futures.

    And to Dylon’s first note: I guess Pitino is to Trump like Mack is to 2020 (or dare we say 2024?). It will be nice to (hopefully) have a basketball coach whose scandals you don’t have to think about every day. Although to be fair, my personal opinion of Pitino is that, aside from his marital infidelity, he wasn’t unlike a lot of other college basketball coaches. But there you go! Who needs to talk about him anymore! Let’s go back to having a good-to-great coach who doesn’t draw such fiery debates (at least yet).


    Suki Anderson, art director: People play basketball I hear. Something about Bill Murray? Final Four is a big deal right?


    Kiefer: Bill Murray's son worked with Chris Mack at Xavier and is expected to follow Mack down to UofL. I'm annoyed that I know so much. I don't care.


    Austin: What’s up with Denny Crum? How’s he doing?


    Josh Moss, editor: I was born and raised in Cincinnati, home of the annual Crosstown Shootout rivalry between the University of Cincinnati and Xavier. I had a UC lamp on my nightstand, a UC wall clock, UC T-shirts, shorts, jackets, hats. On my driveway hoop, I’d play for hours, acting like I was one of the Bearcats: Nick Van Exel, Steve Logan, Melvin Levett, Kenyon Martin, Danny Fortson. I still have an old Sports Illustrated with Fortson on the cover. Point is: Fuck Xavier. Chris Mack, though. Hell of a coach.


    Austin: That salary is sickening though.


    Cover photo: Pexels

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