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    Water Main Break causes section of Grinstead to Buckle
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    “This place looked like a river at 4 A.M.” Local resident, Garrick Bailey, recalled what seemed to be a second Ohio River in front of his apartment complex along Grinstead Drive near Stilz Avenue. Around 3:15 this morning a water main broke near the Crescent Hill Treatment Plant causing major flooding and road buckling on a section of Grinstead.  

    “It looked like whitewater rafting,” said Chad Hester another resident in the area. Debris floated down the impromptu river and nearly half the cars were underwater. Hester’s wife and expectant mother, Casey, found the silver lining expressing, “we needed a new car anyway with the baby on the way.” 

    Several apartments had to evacuated due to flooding and an SUV was towed after being trapped in the water near the buckle. Residents are in good spirits considering the mucky situation, helping one another out while playing a community waiting came of getting the mess cleaned up. 

    Louisville Water Co. has issued a Boil Water Advisory for the 33,000 customers in the Crescent Hill area. Those in the impacted area should boil water for three minutes before use for cooking/drinking in addition to emptying ice from automatic ice dispensers. "Our best advice to customers right now, wake up, do your morning routine, but recognize that you have low water pressure," Dearing-Smith said. "There's no need to call the Louisville Water Company, just watch the news and follow Louisville Water on twitter for updates."

    Co-authored by Ryan Stevens 


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