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    This article appears in the December 2013 issue of Louisville Magazine. To subscribe, visit

    Brian Goode, a meteorologist at WAVE 3 whose catchphrase is BOTS (bring on the snow), lists his favorite snow days from elementary school to his college years.


    Hung out with my neighbor friend all day. Made snowmen and snow angels. Then went inside to watch the Sale of the Century game show and, of course, The Price Is Right. My friend’s mom would make us sandwiches, then we would put all the coats and gloves back on and trek back into the snow. We had to be forced to go inside. Odd how the cold weather doesn’t bother you when you are young.


    Mom woke me up at about 6 a.m. to tell me schools were closed. I ate my Franken Berry cereal and ran out the door to join my neighborhood friends. Built an igloo against a neighbor’s house. Made snow angels. Then came inside to eat tomato soup.


    Decided to go sledding with my uncle and brother over at Moore High School. I jumped on the sled . . . and down I went. Except, my brother had tied my shoelaces to the sled and there is a creek at the bottom of the hill. I went straight into the creek. My jeans were cracking like glass as I walked to the car. My brother got yelled at by Mom, so HA!


    Schools were closed for only a half-inch of snow. We had no power. I remember cuddling up with blankets on the floor to stay warm. I didn’t go outside that day (not much snow), but I did sleep. All day.


    We had a few snow days that season. But I do remember one where I just watched the snow fall all day. I got upset if someone “messed up” the snow by walking through the front yard. I liked the clear, sparkly look to it. I remember going outside for a moment and noticing how quiet it was. So quiet, it was as if I could hear each flake hit the ground.


    I worked at the Kroger in Fern Creek at that time. Panic took over at the grocery as we ran out of carts, not to mention the iconic bread and milk. Forecast was for one inch of snow or less. We ended up with 16 inches. For about a week and half I helped people shovel out. My neighbors and I tried to walk to Dairy Mart, but the snow was so deep we got exhausted fast and had to turn around. This was by far the longest stretch of snow days I went through as a student.


    My one snow day during college. We picked up more than eight inches on the campus at Western Kentucky. School closed. The snow kept students from making it home for the weekend, so I spent it alone. I walked outside every few minutes to measure the snow while dressed in my robe. I looked like Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation. Good thing no one was around. I did try to wander out and walk the campus, but a campus police officer told me to get back to the dorm because of the dangerous wind chill. My only time riding in a police car. I swear.

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