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    If you're not going to the track and your Derby Party doesn't start until afternoon, here's a surprising bit of fun you might want to try out. Saturday is National Wear Cosplay To Starbucks Day.

    Now, for those of you who think the word Cosplay sounds like something that should only be done by consenting adults in the privacy of their own home, let me introduce you to a new, surprisingly wholesome American subculture. 

    Cosplay literally means, "Costume Play." It's an umbrella term for anyone who likes to get together with friends and dress up in costumes. Your uncle the Civil War reenactor, your daughter who dresses as undead for the annual Zombie Walk, your sister who loves wearing a corset and skirt at Renaissance Festivals, the guy in your I.T. department who brings back interesting photos from his vacations at Science Fiction conventions. They're all Cosplayers. Throw the lot of them in a room together and - well heck, I'd pay good money to see that. 

    Or, I'd show up at a Starbucks this Saturday. 

    Since the rest of the country is Derby Deprived, they need some way to occupy themselves on the first of May. It's alright to pity them. They're as mystified by our obsession with the Amish version of NASCAR as you are by their desire to order coffee while dressed as a post-apocalyptic Rainbow Brite.

    If you're still hung over from Oaks or are just in the mood to get a knowing wink from your favorite barista, whip out a Halloween costume while ordering your morning coffee.


    Photo Courtsey Chris-Rachael Oseland 

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