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    Oh Craigslist. You are weird, you are wacky, and you are wonderful. Here are some of the more interesting posts from Craigslist posters in the Louisville area this past week. Enjoy!

    Free catheters.

    Do you ever just really have to go, but don’t feel like stopping in the middle of your weekly Target shopping for things you don’t need or getting up from the couch you’ve been binge watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia from? Yeah, me neither, but if you are that person… These free catheters could really come in handy. Doesn’t specify if they’ve been used or not.

    Three free llamas.

    Because you know, if you need three free llamas Craigslist is the place to go.

    An important customer. 

    "You're my biggest customer but I've always been incredibly attracted to you." Uh, oh... Someone isn't going to Kroger to get just milk anymore. 

    "Lets geek out at a fabric store."

    "Hey there, Cosplay girl... I was in awe by your homemade costume and I understand the effort that goes into that level of craftsmanship... Er, crafts-WOMAN-ship i mean! ( :" Super smooth and he uses women's liberation as a means of showing he's an understanding adult who enjoys dressing up in costume. 10 points for Gryffindor, you smooth operator.

    A hand-made puppet theater.

    The ad says it's perfect for a classroom or day care,  but I think it's perfect for your apartment. Imagine: coming home after a long day at the office where the woman that sits next your cubicle talks s**t all day, but you stay quiet because you're trying this new thing where you're a nice person, so you go home and imitate with puppets the conversation you wish you could have with her. Which includes a lot of curse words and you throwing the peace sign up. Hypothetically speaking. 

    Until next week, Louisville!

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