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    This week, in Louisville, on Craigslist...

    $25 gets you some thigh highs, panties, bras or socks worn by this lady (or gentleman?) while doing a task of your choice. Use your imagination. For only $4 more, you get pics. No full-body shots though.

    Free juvenile convicts! "Some are sexable some not." Calm down, y'all. It's not what you're thinking. Apparently, convicts are a kind of fish.

    "Punk rock kind of chicks" wanted to hang out with single 21-year-old male.

    Former (retired?) Chippendales are waiting to warm you up at the Fern Valley Inn & Hotel. "Magic Mike Ladies Night" is this Saturday only.

    "*Pizza - Pasta - Dollywood - Net $150K Profit (6 Days)" "Great Service, Great Menu and lots of Repeat customers."

    Apartments for rent at some complex in the east end will leave you to "Get CUPID STRUCKED by our VALENTINE SPECIALS!!!"

    Better get in on this "Legitimate Opportunity To Make 6 Figures From Home."  "The company does all of the selling for you.Just bring them the applicants and they close the deal for you.It's that simple."

    If that deal doesn't grab you, how about a sales position for a "meat snack company"? Meat snacks. Mmmmm.

    Got red hair and freckles? This guy wants to take nekkid pics of you!

    And finally, who wouldn't want to lose weight with some supplement called Yacon Syrup. It's free. Go getcha some!

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    Piscean. INFJ. Cat person. Runner. Mediocre housekeeper. Excellent cook. Scours the sleaze on Craigslist so you don't have to.

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