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    Oh Craigslist. You are weird, you are wacky, and you are wonderful. Here are some of the more interesting posts from Craigslist posters in the Louisville area this past week. Enjoy!

    A Tub of Legos.

    Snow day game idea: Lay out all of the Legos on the living room floor. Walk around on them. The first person to cry or curse at the Legos loses. Loser eats yellow snow. Repeat until you are sobbing on the floor eating yellow snow with Lego indentation on the soles of your feet.

    10 Pin Bowling Set.

    What better way to be stuck inside than to be stuck inside with a bowling pin set? 

    The Missed Connections personal.

    Because they never disappoint and are guaranteed to keep you busy for a few hours. 

    Complete series of Full House.

    192 episodes.... 32 DVD's... I think that should get you through the weekend if you don't sleep or get up to use the restroom. Must. Finish. All. 192. Episodes.

    A free toilet.

    For use when you don't/cant get up while watching all 192 episodes of Full House. Plumbing not required.

    Boot warmers.

    To warm and dry those boots when you decide to venture out into the snow. 

    A Yorkie clutch purse.

    For when you are finally over this weather after walking outside for three minutes, throwing your hands in the air and saying "I'm done", and decide to pack up your most important belongings (keep it simple; it is just a clutch) and head for the coast. I hear a Greyhound from Louisville to Los Angeles is only $197. It leaves tomorrow. Pack your things now and contact this poster IMMEDIATELY.

    Hopefully these valuables posted by the gracious people of Craigslist will get you through #Snowmaggedon2016. If not, you can always walk to Walmart for some milk and bread.

    Until next week, Louisville! And be safe!

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