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    Confession time: I live south of the Watterson, so I pass two other Krogers and a ValuMarket on my way to the Kroger on Goss Avenue in Germantown. So why do I make the trip there every Sunday and sometimes on weekdays if I forget stuff? For the people watching, of course!

    Any given Sunday, it's a mix of well-dressed 20 and 30-somethings, octagenarians, people who look like they're still drunk from the night before and people of all ages for whom no occasion is an occasion to change out of their pajamas.

    Apparently, the good people of Craigslist think the people watching there is good too. I have no stats to back this up, but I'm pretty sure it's the site of more missed connections than any other Kroger, and definitely any other grocery store, in Louisville. Except maybe Whole Foods.

     Here are some of my recent favorites:

    -54-year-old man seeks "very handsome young bearded man." He thinks he may have seen the young man around before. But he's not sure.

    -24-year-old man seeks older man who drove a white car and wore a scarf. He's sure they could have "loads" of fun together.

    -A man with crows feet and mud on his pants seeks a woman. Here's his story:

    "You asked me to watch your dog while you shopped at Kroger. I was as giddy as your dog. He was so cute squirmy and yet had these contemplative, wise eyes. To show you how cool and down I was/could be, I starting running down the street -- playfully -- with your dog. I let him lead me (I was just visiting and new to the area) (but I was really liking it). When you were out of sight I slipped on a sheen coat of mud at the end of the street. And got mud on my pants. And a little scrape on my hand. Here is hoping it was endearing and that you remember me. I was wearing a pea coat and crows feet."

    -Man seeks redheaded woman he met in the frozen foods section. He hopes their paths will cross again.

    -A redheaded woman (perhaps the woman in the ad above?!?) seeks a man who kept circling her in the store. She was too "chicken" to say anything.

    -23-year-old man seeks man who gave him his phone number in aisle 14. The phone number got lost.

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    Piscean. INFJ. Cat person. Runner. Mediocre housekeeper. Excellent cook. Scours the sleaze on Craigslist so you don't have to.

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