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    G​oodbye, Mr. Pruitt

    After a four-hour, closed door meeting of the Board of Education, members announced the resignation Kentucky Education Commissioner Stephen Pruitt. The day before, Gov. Bevin appointed seven new members to the board, making the entire 12-person group Bevin appointees. With such a partisan board in charge of Kentucky education, it'll be interesting to see what happens with the JCPS audit. The new interim commissioner is a UK professor named Wayne Lewis. Guess what he likes? Yep: Charter schools. 


    Who is Andy Beshear Suing This Week?

    Pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson, saying they misled folks about the addictive dangers of painkillers. It's not the first time he's taken shots in court at pharma companies over the opioid crisis. As usual, the governor isn't happy with him. "I'm not on board with just about anything that he does," Bevin said, surprising nobody. 


    No Plans Tonight? Ask the Kiosk.

    New "Louisville CityPost" kiosks, which provide info about town and events calendars from Do502, will be popping up downtown, starting with nine along Jefferson and Fourth Street, though many more are in the works. They can operate in several languages, call 911 and have cameras that can see 360 degrees. So, they're sort of like big, immobile phones? Anyway, don't pick your nose downtown!


    Against the Microbrewery

    Against the Grain abandoned plans to turn the old Swiss Hall in the St. Joseph's neighborhood into a microbrewery and beer garden after the mayor-appointed Louisville Metro Planning Commission raised concerns about noise from concerts. You think they've heard of Zanzabar?


    The Galt House Plans a Makeover

    An $80-million renovation and an agreement with the global Wyndham Hotel Group? Somebody's trying to keep up with the Omni.


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