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    “Welcome to my imagination,” says Bill Noel. These are words that would fit well as an introduction to any novel or poem. Indeed, is this not why we read? Why we consume art? Imagination is infectious; somebody we do not know dreams up a character, a story, a whole world. When we, the readers, partake of their imagination, it enriches our own. This is the beauty of art and of the written word. This weekend, three authors will welcome you into their imagination – and you can even shake their hand afterwards.

    Ellen Birkett Morris will be appearing tomorrow evening, Saturday, February 7, at McQuixote Books and Coffee. Morris hails from right here in Louisville. Her work has been published in too many publications to list, and she has received many awards and nominations for her poems, stories and plays. Morris will be reading from her prose and poetry. The event starts at 7 p.m. McQuixote is located at 1512 Portland Avenue, in the Tim Faulkner Gallery.

    Also tomorrow is the appearance of the aforementioned Bill Noel at Carmichael’s Books. He will be appearing in support of First Light, the new novel in his Folly Beach Mysteries series. Intrigued by two seemingly random murders, Chris Landrum identifies the connection between the two: the new church First Light, led by the suspicious Burt Ives Costello. Noel will be at Carmichael’s at 4:00 for this wine and cheese book launch.

    Return to Carmichael’s on Sunday to meet William Peak and learn about his debut novel The Oblate’s Confession, the result of ten years-worth of research and writing. In England’s Dark Ages, a warrior’s son is given to a monastery bordering two rival kingdoms. As he grows, he learns of his background and is torn between two worlds. Peak will be at Carmichael’s at 4 p.m. Carmichael’s is located at 2720 Frankfort Avenue.

    Complete details can be found at the McQuixote and Carmichael’s websites.

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