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    Eat & Swig

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    There is something about the oncoming cool weather that just makes me want to eat, and eat a lot.  I think that there must be something in our prehistoric brains that signals us as humans to "plump up" during the colder months in an effort to stay as warm as possible.  I was thinking about this when I picked out this week's review beer, Weihenstephaner Korbinian Doppelbock.  For those of you not familiar with the Doppelbock style of beer it was literally brewed to be "liquid bread" for monks to drink during the 46 days of fasting they endured between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday each year.  They were to have next to no solid foods and so would use their grains to make this dark, very malty, strong beer to give them sustenance.  

    Also, it was too much of a deal for me to pass up; a pint bottle of a German made Doppelbock beer for $2.99 at Old Town Wine and Spirits?  Sign me up.  After I carefully poured my pint last night and went in for my first taste the first thing I noticed was how malty and bready it was.  Strong notes of caramel danced on my palate and paired very well with the burger I had picked up from The Bard's Town (I told you I like to eat).  The 7.4% ABV is hidden well in this medium bodied brew and you barely even notice the alcohol.  This is a malty beer lover's beer and reviews highly on and receiving an A- and a 98 respectively from the two sites.  

    As I overindulged myself last night with beer, burger, asparagus, and a salad I found myself feeling sorry for those monks who had to go for so long without partaking in all the delicious meats, cheeses, vegetables, etc that they had at their disposal.  I can't imagine how grumpy I would get if I could not fill my belly with such goodies.  However, I suppose if one had to give it a go, drinking your fill of such a delight could only help.  If nothing else maybe the alcohol helped make them not quite so grumpy.  Here's to hoping they were happy drunks.

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