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    Today's Craigslist posting was in m4m missed connections, though it might more appropriately belong in rants and raves:

    "Anyone know Keith Taylor? Let him know


    still looking for him and want my money back. Looking for Keith Taylor, bald shaved head, talks with a stutter, and he used to live out passed


    Lake with a wife and kid, now getting divorced. He hangs around dealers and strippers. After being friends for a couple of years, you took $100 of mine and never returned it. Your phone for months has not accepted any calls. We used to meet at Staples on Bardstown Rd and Dairy Queen on Dixie Hwy numerous times. You now live with your mom in her apartment on


    . You have my number you wrote it down the last time i was in your car at the phone store out on Preston near Southern High School. I just want my money back and never deal with you again. You know i don't ever give up, i will continue to call as well as


    ride out and hound your mom at her place. So do the right thing and give me my money back."

    You go, boy..! Hound that mother to get your $100 back. $100 is all important you know. Though, if you go to his mother's house enough times, I'm pretty sure you wasted that much gas. And Staples on Bardstown Rd and Dairy Queen on Dixie Hwy? Really? Are you ALLOWED to talk about your past drug deals on Craigslist, much less advertise you're looking to get the money back your client stole?

    Give it up, man. You aren't getting your measly $100 back.

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    I'm a student at University of Louisville, and I'm majoring in Liberal Studies, which is a design your own degree. My program is Integrative Marketing Communications in Entertainment. I'm a junior, hopefully with only two years left, though I do plan on getting my MBA from UofL. I'm marketing intern with the IT Dept at UofL as well. My major interests include nerdy things, such as tabletop roleplaying games, board games, LARPing, and reading. Recently, I have gotten involved as a skater for Derby City Roller Girls ( If you don't know what it is, look it up. It's the fastest growing sport in the world.

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