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    Yeah yeah, day late but didn't mean to keep you all hanging on so long waiting for my masterpiece so please forgive me.

    That being said, Tegan and Sara are simply awesome.  Scoring a last minute ticket to the sold out show Wednesday was clutch but it didn't compare with the show itself and the chance to jaunt around our latest venue, The Mercury Ballroom.  Opening were The Courtneys and Lucious who did a grand job of warming the crowd of mainly female goers.  Thanks to the kindness of a new friend who was escorting 3 sassy younger girls, all of which dress better than me with one even rocking a tee with a picture of 'Grumpy Cat' with a caption 'I was happy ONCE' (purely amazing), I managed to squeeze right up next to the stage.  Being a lone straight male amongst such a crowd of women isn't the easiest thing to navigate so that level of hospitality was greatly appreciated.  

    Tegan and Sara came out banging 'Back in Your Head', which is a personal favorite.  Not only is it catchy as hell, it's a bit of something that has been a mantra on occasion in my life.  I always want things once they're gone and then when thoughts fade on the other end, it often makes the desire even greater.  Throw in 'Walking with a Ghost', some new and older tunes and you have a jam packed setlist of goodness that is pure fun.  Great reception from our locals, kudos, as the positive energy that was in the air was pretty strong and empowering stuff.  No matter who you are, if you're into some new wave-ish/pop rock on occasion they are worth checking out.  Smiles are guaranteed and whether you are just giving them a listen or catch a live show, I'll wager it'll make you happy more than 'ONCE'!  Big thanks to the folks at Live Nation and The Mercury Ballroom and looking forward to the next shock to my system.

    Photo Credit: Twitter - @teganandsara

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