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    Remember all those excited promises that this year, traffic really would be better by Derby? Raise your hand if you're surprised about delays. Anyone? Bueller? 

    In news that will come as a surprise to absolutely no one, the long promised Westport exit off the Watterson Expressway won't be ready in time for the city's population to nearly double for our own very special holiday. The surface streets aren't any better. In fact, for the love of all things you hold dear, don't try navigating Westport between Herr and Hubbards close to Derby. It's not worth it. Trust me on this.

    Believe it or not, I'll actually cut the city a little slack about the construction delays. In 2009, we had record highs of 70 degrees in February. It would've been a great construction season. Who knew 2010 would slam us with the worst winter on record? The month of February was just as much of a disaster for the road crews as it was for the rest of us. Admit it - after stocking up on bread, eggs and milk so you could make French Toast to appease the weather gods, you went 5 days straight without leaving your house. Let's all play nice and pretend that if not for the ongoing snowmageddon that was the month of February, the exit would be ready to go on schedule. Stop laughing. It could've happened.

    In the meantime, if you're feeling a little stalkery (or honestly want to check the traffic before deciding whether or not to stay late at work) check out TRIMARC's traffic-cams. They update the images about once a minute, so you get a pretty good realtime view of what traffic is like at a couple dozen sites in town. 

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