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    Don’t sport a sexy costume

    Halloween has been dubbed the “straight pride parade” but don’t let the sexier aspect of the holiday cloud your parenting abilities. So no naughty nurses, bare-chested Zorros, or leather-clad policewomen, please. Let your little Dorothy shine by herself without a sexy, mommy-sized version of the costume.

    Don’t eat all their candy

    Seriously? You’re a grown up. You don’t get candy anymore. You get fiber pills and a gym membership. That’s how adulthood works.

    Don’t forget a coat, long johns, and mittens

    The forecast for Halloween in Louisville this year is a high of 68 degrees and a low of 57, with a 66 percent chance of rain. That might seem mild, but when you’re dressed as the little mermaid a blue midriff isn’t really standard.

    Don’t let them go alone

    If I was a horrendous kidnapping monster, I would be out on Halloween. No matter how embarrassed your kid is (though if they’re old enough to be embarrassed of you, aren’t they a little old to be trick or treating?)  The scariest part of Halloween is really the safety issue.

    Don’t get too health crazy

    Forget about childhood obesity and let your kids have fun for this one, sugar drenched, over-excited night. Don’t be the dad that makes his kids eat the apples the dentist on the corner is giving out. Have fun! Scale down the sweets for the rest of the week, but let them have their scary sugar rush.

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