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    by Dan Vonderheide General Manager

    Nearly three years ago, an email dropped into my INBOX from a guy named Conrad Bachmann who, if you haven't heard his story yet, had been an actor in Hollywood for years but was originally from Valley Station. He loved his Kentucky roots and left a piece of his heart here and really wanted to start up a film festival to leave behind as a legacy for the city. 

    Well, after an inordinate amount of time and work that Conrad has put into this thing, his dream is being realized this weekend.  My actual involvement in getting this thing off the ground has, in reality, been minimal.  I attended plenty of meetings, tried to contribute ideas and enthusiasm when I could, and have tried to share as much information about the festival here on 

    There were times when lost contact with Conrad and his son Brett (who has been integral in really making sure this dream came true) and I wasn't sure what was going on.  But I never doubted whether or not this thing was going to happen. 

    Conrad is a determined guy.  His affinity for our city and state is infectious and he cares about what happens.  He and Brett established the Louisville Film Arts Institute as the beneficiary of this festival and the organization that will truly contribute to the future of our Commonwealth through education and opportunity for students with interest and talents in film.

    He's been able to leverage his California connections and some very talented people here in Louisville to plan a first class event and we should all be proud of it.  There is plenty of variety in the film selections and we have some very recognizable faces coming to town to help open this thing up.  If it goes well (and how could it not), Conrad Bachmann's legacy will live on from year to year and grow into the film festival that will help underline the fact that, yes, things are VERY possible in Louisville.

    So I encourage you to make plans to take in some of the films this weekend that are playing in various venues downtown.  Attend some of the cocktail parties and social events.  Help support a Kentucky guy with a dream.

    I think he's earned it.


    Find out schedules and ticket information on the festival and associated events at


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