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    One if the most interesting things about our city is the capricious weather. Thunder Over Louisville this year (April 20) is forecasted to be overcast and colder, with a high of 66 and a low of 47; but who really knows? Here is what to wear in all weather circumstances. 


    1. Horrendously Cold

    The first Thunder I attended was one of those unfairly cold and rainy days that often plague us in April. Whatever you do, do not make the mistake of thinking it's going to "warm up," because it's not. Wear blue jeans and a long sleeve top, plus a hoodie you don't care about so you can take it off and sit on it, or leave it somewhere, or have it stolen without feeling too bad. 


    2. Raining

    I have also attended two rainy Thunders--what a mess. The mud, the unwashed masses--you're going to want a raincoat for sure, and certainly some sturdy waterproof boots. A small umbrella is a plus for walking, but don't pop it out while the shows are going on and you could block someone's view. 


    3. Ridiculously Hot

    I have to admit this is my favorite Thunder weather, simply because we are all forced to show off our winter pale flabby legs in the bright unforgiving sunlight. Shorts and t-shirt are preferable here for both sexes, but do yourself a favor and make sure you're wearing comfortable tennis shoes.


    4. Magical, Springy, Perfect Weather

    Time to bust out those spring clothes! Savor it, because here is Louisville we get about three days a year when capris and quarter length sleeves are appropriate. This may also be the day to play the lottery. On a side note, whatever you wear, make sure it has an expandable waist band because let's face it, you'll be eating junk food and drinking all day, whatever the weather!


    Don't forget sunscreen, water, and sunglasses!


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