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    It's nearly that time again, and folks are already asking when the Germantown beer walk is.  For those lost in translation, and for others just foggy about the particulars, the walk is the last Saturday in April.  Every year, just right before Derby, the bars of Germantown collectively collaborate and lock down the surrounding streets of the neighborhood and allow people to walk from one bar to the next drinking and carrying on as if this were an everyday event.  It's definitely a neighborhood holiday of sorts, and even a well-known festivity all about the city.

    As the Afternoon sun breaks and the bars begin to put up their street barricades, beer tents, and karaoke equipment, the Germantown lifers begin to plot on their evening drinking schedule.  Participating homeowners in the area ready food and ice down their pre-walking alcohol.  It's an all day event for most, and for some, an almost Olympic worthy sport in twelve ounce beer curling.

    Just before dark the streets start to liven up, fill with more and more people, and echo treble heavy music from blaring speakers.  The parking lot of Mo's food mart becomes a revolving door of patrons and drunkards alike frequenting for twelve packs of canned domestic beer, cigarettes, and grippos potato chips.  Only the essentials are sold there, and how could one go wrong with these three such products?  That's right, you can't go wrong there, but you'll certainly miss a hell of a time if you don't reserve an open night in your schedule for the 24th of April.  

    Photo Courtesy of Damian Gerlach

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    About Damian Gerlach

    Born and raised locally here in the Germantown neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. I have lived and frequented in both the Highlands and Germantown areas for the past ten years while completing my undergraduate work in communication, and graduate work in business communication from Spalding University. After the completion of both of these degrees, the most recent during the summer of 2007, I began working as a sales consultant for a large telecommunications company, as well as for a few local colleges. In 2008 I self-published my first book, "Always Coming Back," and my second late summer 2009, entitled "Bent."

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