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    In troubled times, nostalgia becomes a hot commodity, and White Reaper has hit the motherload. The band’s second record, wryly-titled The World’s Best American Band, harkens back to those times when Thin Lizzy and Ramones posters lined the walls of every garage, fuzzy guitar riffs echoed through the neighborhood and cheap beer flowed freely.

    But White Reaper has moved beyond the garage and into the arena, as indicated by the roaring crowd that galvanizes the opening title track. A drum beat ushers in a triumphant, undeniably catchy guitar riff. The production is much cleaner than the band’s debut, White Reaper Does it Again, doing away with much of the lo-fi fuzziness in favor something more polished, but no less authentic.

    The title track leads into “Judy French,” a love jam straight out of an ’80s movie. Tony Esposito’s jovial, nasally vocals sell the charmingly sincere, yet simple lyrics about a hard-to-get girl with “ripped jeans.” “Yeah, you make me want to pout,” he sings. Later tracks like “The Stack” and “Crystal Pistol” keep the energy high. Riffs and hooks fly by quicker than a Camaro en route to a kegger.

    White Reaper exemplifies how to bring classic sounds to modern times. The World’s Best American Band taps into that nostalgic well that makes bands like them so appealing. Sometimes a few power chords, a cheap beer and a good time are all you need. 

    White Reaper’s The World’s Best American Band can be purchased here.

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