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    In honor of my friend, and the editor here at, Zach Everson's first ever deer hunting trek this week for a piece he is writing for Louisville Magazine, I picked out a beer that I felt fit the bill in describing what my pal from the North may end up transforming into if he finds "the thrill of the hunt" to be infectious...Founders Backwoods Bastard.

    Upon suggestion from a good friend of mine, who is also a craft beer lover, I poured my bottle of Backwoods Bastard into a pint glass and let it sit until it reached room temperature.  As foretold this did an amazing job of letting the characteristics of the beer come through.  My first whiff was of sweet bourbon and the first sip confirmed what my nose had predicted, the barrel aging had done the job.  The flavor literally made me say "wow" and was so smooth and warm going down.  At 10.2% ABV the alcohol lets itself be known, but in that pleasant, warming way; It is remarkably easy to drink and not overpowering.  Also delicious notes of caramel and roasted malts, this beer was MADE to sit back and sip.  Made me think of those great nights where you're sitting around with a few good friends, when you're in no hurry to go anywhere or do anything other than to sit around and have a slow, relaxing evening.  This is one of the best Scotch Ales that I have had, and the readers of and agree with ranks of A- and a score of 99 respectively.  I agree with my friend, this beer got better and better the more it warmed to room much so that I feel my last drink was better than my first.  

    As for Zach, who knows if he'll make it back alive?  I hope he does because I'd like to sit and share a Founders Backwoods Bastard with him and discuss his adventure into the great backwoods of Kentucky, we may make a Southerner of him yet.  To find out how his jaunt went you should follow him on Twitter at @Z_Everson.  

    If you enjoy my usually inebriated ramblings then you should follow Lville Beer on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare; I'll be like your buddy who drinks and then says stupid things.

    P.S....Does this LOOK like a hunter? 

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