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    We have a giant obsession with vintage and think you should too!  Amy Kunzler, vintage expert and manager at The Nitty Gritty, gave us the inside scoop on why to buy vintage.

    1. Quality: There is a reason why that 1960s wool suit still exists. Clothing from the mid 20th century was made to last. Mass produced "trashion" made today just can't compare to the fabrics, classic silhouettes and finishing details of clothing made 50 years ago.  Buttons were sewn on by hand; seams were finished with couture techniques. Todays clothing won't be around 20 years from now, but a 1940s cocktail dress (as long as it's stored properly) will still be here.

    2. There is nothing new in fashion: I can look through any fashion magazine today and find things similar to items we may have in stock at The Nitty Gritty.  Prada Spring 2012 went with a very rockabilly, 1950s car culture look. Jill Sander Spring 2012 was like a 21st Hitchcock blonde.  The current issue of Vogue (August 2012) is previewing 1980s power suits for Fall. Marc Jacobs has created an over-the-top 19-teens inspired train travel line for Louis Vuitton Fall 2012.  To shop vintage, you do need to have an open mind, but you can find some things that look very current.

    3. These things are classics:  Sure, a 1970s polyester maxi-dress can look dated, but a 1950s shirtwaist is always in style.

    4. Be unique!  We have more customers who say "I got (coat/cocktail dress/purse) here and I get more compliments on it!"  This stuff is all one of a kind, so if you wear a vintage coat, you will stand out from the crowd! Not to mention, it will keep you warmer than something you can buy new.

    There are downsides to buying vintage. It does run on the small side, and if you look for something specific, you can easily get frustrated. But if you keep at it, and maintain an open mind, you may just unearth a treasure you will enjoy for a lifetime, that has already lived one life!



    Fashionably yours,

    Chic Geek

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    By trade I am the Style Editor of Louisville Magazine and Louisville Bride. In addition to that I contribute fashion commentary on-air, and regularly produce various fashion shows locally.

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