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    Wicked Sheets CEO Alli Truttmann
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    Founder and CEO of Wicked Sheets, Alli Truttmann, keeps her cool as customer demand heats up.

    National sleeper preference studies report that the top characteristics of a good night’s sleep include: temperature, mattress quality, sleep schedule, and sleep environment. Wicked Sheets is an online luxury-bedding store ( that sells bed sheets whose promise is to keep you cool and dry as you sleep. Wicked Sheets uses the same revolutionary technology as wicking athletic gear and applies it to the bedroom. Wicked Sheets are particularly effective for those who suffer from night sweats, but they provide cool comfort that everyone can enjoy. 

    Wicked Sheets started as a two-person cut and sew operation, founded in Louisville, but rising customer demand has created a broader opportunity for The Company to expand it’s operations to a unique and socially responsible North Carolina facility. The new facility, which handcrafts each sheet set, is a subsidiary of a non-profit company that provides services to adults with disabilities. 

    CEO Alli Truttmann says, “As the opportunity to serve customer demands grows, so does our ability to show better corporate responsibility. The Wicked Sheets mission is to enhance the experience of anyone who comes into contact with the company; whether it is someone who works behind the seams or sleeps within them, we hope to make a lasting impression.” Wicked Sheets recently secured outside capital from investors to help expand the company’s reach and develop new products. Crib sheets are the most recent addition to its product line. 

    Candidly, Alli declared the new Wicked Sheets summer sales slogan as, “Get them while you’re hot!” 

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