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    The Wild and Woolly Film Series presents Reel Rock Tour 7 tonight
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    You gotta respect the outdoors. Things happen there, man. There is a great beauty to be found. I went to college for a year in Idaho – and I hated it – but, occasionally, I'd find myself tagging along on some kind of excursion. I joined a group for a bonfire out at the dunes (those same dunes in that scene in Napoleon Dynamite

    where Grandma wrecks her four-wheeler), and never before or since have I seen the sky so lit up with stars. I went canoeing with a cute girl I'd just met down a river which was nothing compared to the size and width of our beloved Ohio, but it was still beautiful. I went one night to the Ice Caves – and it's just what it sounds like. Gorgeous.

    I appreciate the outdoors, but there are others who are effin' hardcore, man. People who jump out of planes on a regular basis (which I've done, by the way, and am dying to do again, and you should do it, too), people who have krazy whitewater adventures, flying off waterfalls and such. Rock climbers.

    Yes, rock climbers – and here we hit upon today's topic. Tonight! The Wild and Woolly Film Series presents Reel Rock Tour 7, presented by Quest Outdoors. Reel Rock events are basically excuses for enthusiasts of rock climbing and the outdoors in general to gather, talk about the subject, and stand in awe of the mastery of some of the experts. Tonight's event is a screening of several rock-climbing videos, showcasing some of the best climbers in the world. Watch the trailer – be prepared to stand slack-jawed in amazement at how big the balls apparently are of some of these people.

    It happens tonight at 7:00 at the Clifton Center, located at 2117 Payne Street. Admission is $5.00. Complete event information can be found via the wonders of Facebook.

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