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    There are some personal misconceptions of instrumental music that Wilder Stallions breaks in its debut album entitled Don't Let Your Meatloaf. This album is not boring, the songs are not extraordinarily long, and it's not hard to follow. The group describes themselves as jazz musicians playing funk tunes on rock instruments. I don't know who is doing their marketing, but they nailed it on the head.

    Don't Let Your Meatloaf is an exhibition of instrumental skill (the jazz part) while still making you groove (the funk part) through loud music by way of a classic guitar, keys, and drums set up (the rock part). I'd say Will Wilder (the namesake and the frontman) composed the music as opposed to written it because while their are no words, there is a mood to each song. Some harder to hold onto than others, but nonetheless songs like "Ballad of Wild Bill" and "Southern Belle" feel like their titles describe. 

    Sometime it loses the listeners attention but when it does, it finds a way to bring it all back together in a very good way. Every instrument (with the addition of horns) gets a spotlight and is played by master musicians. If you are looking for a "moment" in the music, look no further than the guitar solo in "Pandemonium Express." Again, it is as the titles describes.

    Good for a listen in the stereo, but live could be a whole different experience. Speaking of that...

    Wilder Stallions will celebrate the release of the aforementioned album this Friday at Tim Faulkner Gallery. Opening bands are In Lightning and Small Time Napoleon. Joining Wilder Stallions onstage during the set include vocalist Carly Johnson and a horn section that includes Robert Bertke, Daniel Fieselman, Noah Reed, Brandon Bell, Luke Miller, Steve Mccallum, and Doug Finke. 

    The album will be available for purchase at the show and cover is only $3. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m. More details on Facebook here. The album will be available at local records stores in CD and soon, vinyl. 

    Photos provided by Will Wilder. 

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