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    Will It Bourbon? I ate the whole pint in one sitting. Doesn't that speak for itself?

    Nobody needs me to tell them that ice cream is good, or that Ben & Jerry’s generally gets it right. And since it looks like I’m gonna lose the war on verging-on-kitsch bourbon products, I’ll leave my arguments in the cupboard with those long-forgotten bourbon barrel-roasted pecans. “Urban Bourbon,” unsurprisingly, is delicious. The “burnt caramel ice cream” isn’t so burnt (should it be?), and the caramel reads less caramel, more anonymous sweet, a lowest sugary common denominator. But that denominator is pretty tasty, and the almonds and flakes of fudge imbedded in it add variables to the equation. What’s noteworthy about Urban Bourbon is “bourbon caramel,” a rich, bright invention hinting of whiskey swirled through the ice cream like DNA, by which I mean: It inspires questions of the divine. Unfortunately, they go unanswered. “No,” a representative tells me. The company will not share what kind of whiskey they use. Fine, Ben & Jerry’s. Just use more of it. 

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    Staff writer Dylon Jones first contributed to the magazine in 2014 and joined the staff in 2015. He's written profiles, features, essays, criticism and reportage about a wide variety of topics and won awards for feature writing and profile writing from the Society of Professional Journalists. He is particularly interested in narrative journalism, the arts and LGBTQ experience. Jones is an award-winning poet with work published in Tinderbox Poetry Journal and The Collagist.

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