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    Pennsylvania's Harrisburg University of Science and Technology has enacted a week-long Facebook blackout for its students. Will the University of Louisville follow suit and ban Facebook and other social networking sites? Well, I don't have an answer to that question as of yet, but you never know. Perhaps it's a "Cardinal" sin to ban such sites or maybe it hasn't even crossed the minds of UofL administration.

    NPR reports that Harrsburg University Provost Eric Darr chose to enact the temporary ban because he wants students to think about how much they're using technology in their daily lives and what kind of impact it has.

    Eric Darr, isn't anti-technology or anti-social networking; I think he just wants students to understand and be aware of the role social networking plays in their lives.  Many have aan addiction to social networks but don't quite know why. This exercise may help shed some light into why they crave checking their Facebook first thing when they wake up. Whether you're a Facebook stalker (you know who you are) or just a casual user, what are your thoughts on fasting from Facebook? Do you think you could do it? Are Facebook and social networks taking away from day-to-day interactions?

    Though social networks may have their disruptions and distractions, they also prove helpful for collaboration and also helping students interact with one another. Whether that interaction is meeting randoms, scheduling a meeting or getting to know one another better to help foster more open communication - social networking has its place; but what's too much?

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    Photo: Flickr/Ernesto Lago

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