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    Breeders' Cup 1988
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    This article appeared in the November 2011 issue of Louisville Magazine. To subscribe, please visit

    Churchill Downs hosted its first Breeders’ Cup in 1988, and this month it’s back in Louisville for the eighth time (and second year in a row). So we’ve created a quiz to determine whether or not you’ll have a good time at the track.

    1. To get to Churchill Downs I…
    A. Open my front door and walk there (+1)
    B. Have a limousine drop me off (+3)
    C. Go there? Have you even heard of online wagering? (-2)
    D. Cross the Sherman Minton Bridge (-5)

    2. I am…(+2 for each)
    A. Rich
    B. A degenerate gambler
    C. A fan of international crowds
    D. A sheikh

    3. Rapper or Classic winner? (+2 for each right answer; -2 for each wrong answer)
    A. Tyler, the Creator
    B. Alysheba
    C. Ghostzapper
    D. Skywalker
    E. Young Jeezy
    Answer: B., C. and D. are horses.

    4. Who won the first Breeders’ Cup Classic?
    A. Young Jeezy? (-2)
    B. Easy, Wild Again with jockey Pat Day (+2)

    5. Goldikova is…
    A. That store in the mall that sells chocolate (-3)
    B. A champion Thoroughbred going for her fourth Breeders’ Cup win in as many years (+3)

    6. I’m curious: Do horses from other countries have accents?
    A. You’re seriously asking?

    7. Kinda.
    A. (-20)

    8. 1984.
    A. Read that in high school (-2)
    B. The year of the first Breeders’ Cup, held at Hollywood Park in Inglewood, Calif. (+2)
    C. Four years after the University of Louisville’s first basketball championship and two years before its last (0)

    9. The United States has produced more Breeders’ Cup starters (2,043) and winners (175) than any other country. Which nation comes in second?
    A. Ireland (197 starters, 21 winners) (+2)
    B. U.S.A.! U.S.A.! (+5)

    10. Was there a Classic winner named Alphabet Soup?
    A. No way (-2)
    B. You bet (+2)
    C. Yes and it was a nice payday… (+3)
    D. …and I ate alphabet soup to celebrate (+5)

    11. I’m going to be in West Virginia during Breeders’ Cup weekend for U of L’s football game.
    A. True (-10)
    B. False (0)
    C. Wait a second, you’re still following U of L football? (-20)

    12. Kentucky has produced more Breeders’ Cup starters (1,499) and winners (137) than any other state. Which state comes in second?
    A. Florida (264 starters, 23 winners) (+3)
    B. Florida, sure, but have you ever heard of a song called “My Old Florida Home”? Didn’t think so. (+5)

    13. Arkansas, Georgia, Minnesota and New Mexico have each had the same number of starters. How many has each state had?
    A. One (+2)
    B. 1,498 fewer than Kentucky (+5)

    14. For past Breeders’ Cups, did Judy Green always hook you up with tickets? (-10 if yes)

    15. Can you name the two jockeys who have each won the Classic five times?
    A. Chris McCarron and Jerry Bailey (+5)
    B. U.S.A.! U.S.A.! (+10)

    16. The only horse to win the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile and the Kentucky Derby is…?
    A. Now, you’re sure Young Jeezy isn’t the name of a horse? (-2)
    B. Easy, Street Sense (+2)
    C. Now that you mention it, Street Sense would make a decent rapper name. (-5)

    17. Autumn…
    A. Actually quite pleasant at the track. Crisp breeze and all that. (+2)
    B. I prefer Derby infield sunbathing. (-2)

    18. I’m most likely to say…
    A. “I can still drink a mint julep at the track in November, right?” (+2)
    B. “I’ll put $2 on the gray horse to win.” (+3)
    C. “Give me a $10 trifecta box on 2-7-9.” (+5; +1,000 if you’ve hit on that bet)
    D. “I won’t make it to the track because I’ll be emotionally preparing for Cards basketball, which tips off the week after Breeders’ Cup.” (-5)

    19. I have a PETA bumper sticker.
    A. True (-20)
    B. False (0)

    20. Zenyatta.
    A. Still crying over her devastating Classic loss last year. (+2)
    B. Eh, I bet on Blame anyway. (+3)

    • 50+ Ah, you must be Churchill communications chief John Asher.
    • 20-49 Any extra room in the limo for us?
    • 1-19 Betting the ponies helps pass the time between each hoops season.
    • 0 or less Look, we were only kidding about PETA. No need to send protesters.

    Photo: Courtesy Breeders' Cup

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