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    Bardstown Road Farmers Market is one of the most friendly farmers markets I have ever had the opportunity to go to. Normally located in the parking lot of Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church, is located inside of one of the buildings (1722 Bardstown Road). The market only had a few venders there, but each had a variety of things. Almost every table had samples of what they were selling so that the customers knew what they would be buying; this made buying items easier for me and others as well. The best thing about this farmers market is the variety of things being sold, especially because it’s the winter.

    There were a lot of preservatives, bread, cheeses, and lettuce available. I ended up buying a few things, especially cheese. Everything there is grown by the venders and they are all from Kentucky. Each product is also stamped with a Kentucky Proud sticker. There was one vender who was selling preservatives that had the calories on the back of the products. One amazing thing is you can ask each of these venders what goes into their foods and they will be willing to answer your questions.

    The items I purchased include: sweet potato chips, a loaf of tomato basil bread, black pepper cheese, a container of strawberry preserve on top of cream cheese (tastes just like cheesecake), and squash bread. These products were amazing and tasted fresh. Each vender also has different sizes of the products and a wide variety of things at the table. So stopping at each vender is vital to get the experience and different items. I believe everyone should stop in at this farmers market, especially this time of year when most markets are closed down until spring. That is one of the great things these farmers offer; they make sure that we have the opportunity to get fresh foods year round.

    The crowd was not large when I got there, but I also got there as soon as it opened. This is a pet peeve of mine though because I like first pick. Honestly though, everything I saw there was just as good as the item before. This market is open from 10-12am every Saturday until March 31st, which is the last Saturday it will be available until the spring. These venders do Kentucky proud by what they are offering the customers there.

    Photos by Kathleen Quinn

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    First and foremost I'm a mom. I'm also a recent graduate from the University of Louisville and love to cook! Especially healthy foods.

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