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    Witness burgeoning talent at the Louisville Young Filmmakers Festival
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    High school was not awesome. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. Probably. I'm sure it was great for some people, but for the majority of us, it was four years full of awkwardness and insecurity. However: I did have a pretty great core group of friends, and my very best memories of those times is making silly home movies with them. There were three in particular: El Revolution

    , in which the Mexicans faced off against the Americans (the “Mexicans” were white, by the way);

    El Revolution 2

    , the sequel in which we attempted to add a plot to the madness; and

    Not in Theaters

    , the story of an evil conspiracy involving a demonic book, a talking fan named Holmes, and Bob Dole (who spontaneously exploded, as politicians are apparently wont to do). This last one we entered into the student film festival, which ended up looking quite silly next to the actually pretty well put together

    Ph33r Trigger

    , created by some friends of ours.

    As ridiculous as these efforts were, they were the result of pure, unadulterated creativity and imagination. This is a wonderful thing about that age: you aren't necessarily concerned by things such as quality or possibility; we just wanted to make movies and have fun, and that's what we did. There is a purity to this method that is often lacking in creative pursuits as an adult.

    This is why the Young Filmmakers Festival at the library this weekend is so exciting. The festival will showcase short films created by Louisville teenagers, giving attendees the chance to see young burgeoning talent and perhaps witness early work by a future film artist. I've said it many times: Louisville fosters its creative talent, and great local film is in abundance. It all starts here, with the youth.

    The festival will take place at the main library branch at 2:00 tomorrow, Saturday. The library is located at 301 York Street. Details can be found at the library website.

    Image: library website

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    There are legitimate theories that the Big Bang originated from the collapse of a black hole in a fourth-dimensional universe. This stuff fascinates me, and I love reading about it. I love reading about science. And about anything, for that matter, provided it's interesting - and everything is potentially interesting, so I'm fascinated by a lot of things. I also read a lot of fiction (Kurt Vonnegut deserves deification) and watch a lot of movies (Charlie Chaplin also deserves deification). I've made a few short films myself. I'm also a writer of everything - I'm close to a Bachelor's in English at IUS. My life consists of reading, writing, bartending, and taking care of my daughter full-time. Life is busy and life is stressful, but that's why there's music and art and other forms of relaxation.

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