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    I've only bet on a few races in my life. The first time, I picked horses whose owners had Arabic sounding names. After all, they call a breed Arabian for a reason. Thousands of years of history should count for something.

    I won.

    The next time, I bet based entirely on amusing names. 

    I lost.

    This year, I'm utterly mystified by the betting machines. I shoved in some money and started pushing buttons. The social studies teacher standing behind me tried to walk me through. With his help, I've managed to at least place several kinds of bets.

    I had no idea which horses went with which numbers, so I literally closed my eyes and hit the screen for one of my bets. That would explain how I accidentally bet on one of the races after the Derby itself. 

    As you can see from the photo, I'm experimenting with a straight win, a trifecta, an exacta box, and whatever the heck "WPS" means. I think it  means feeding the machine $5 in exchange for a reciept.

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