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    You may recall that Frank Faris, owner of Genny's Diner on Frankfort Avenue in Clifton, bought the dilapidated 19th century home next to the property for $100,000 in 2001 with a view to level it for parking. The problem is, the house wasn't dilapidated at the time—in fact, it was rather attractive.

    In the ensuing decade or so, more damage happened on Faris' watch than the previous century possibly could have inflicted: two fires (the diner remained unscathed), falling windows, and severe eye pain to anyone who happened to gaze upon it. Faris, who years ago ran a bunch of notorious commercial spots featuring a diaper-clad adult dwarf, was ordered to fix up or sell the Local Landmark District house, but refused.

    Earlier this year a judge demanded Faris give away the property, but interested parties reported that he didn't return their phone calls. In April, Faris was sentenced to 365 days home incarceration, with release 80 hours per week to work at Genny's. Too bad the "home incarceration" wasn't at the house in question, which continues to deteriorate.

    View photos of this house at Broken Sidewalk.

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