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    The madness started at 9:34 p.m. last night when approximately 20-30 iPhone 6 enthusiasts began lining up for the much-anticipated release date, today (September 19), a local post from MacRumors stated. 

    The Apple store at Oxmoor Mall usually opens at 10 a.m., but today, they opened at 8 a.m. for those early risers or tired all-nighters who just couldn’t wait another minute for their new iPhone 6. According to MacRumors, two lines were formed, one for pre-order sales and the other for walk-ins. 

    There was much confusion, however, when security guards told people different times to start lining up. Some heard as early as 5 a.m., while others heard 6-8 a.m. In any case, one was told as long as campers did not cause trouble, they could line up whenever they liked. 

    iPhone releases are like Christmas morning for Apple connoisseurs. This year, the excitement has been especially contagious, with record breaking pre-order sales of over 4 million in just 24 hours. That is 2 million more than the iPhone 5, which was released Sept. 17, 2012. 

    So, now the question is, should you purchase the highly anticipated iPhone 6 today, or hold out until you “accidentally” drop your phone in the toilet? Decide for yourself with these newly updated features:

    Along with the bigger size, 5.44x2.64 in., 0.27 in depth, and 4.55 ounces for the iPhone 6 and 6.22x3.06 in., 0.28 in in depth, and 6.07 ounces for the iPhone 6 Plus, the new phones also include updated video, face time, camera, extended battery life, and audio calling features as well as Apple’s debut of Apple Pay, a single-touch secure payment software, launching in October. 

    If you’re still up for waiting in line and trying to get the iPhone 6 today, try other stores like WalMart, Target, Radio Shack, BestBuy, and phone carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and TMobile.

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