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    Last night, September 19th at Headliners Music Hall a slew of artists were scheduled to perform for an event known as the Wyte Out Tour led by Three 6 Mafia's recording artist Lil Wyte.  The doors opened at 7, and artists started performing somewhere around 8.

    By the time we showed up there were already hip hop groups performing, and each was allotted about twenty to thirty minutes apiece.  I must have seen eight or ten groups go on, and luckily I was double-fisted with gin & tonics, because watching this show sober would have been even more painful.  Each group sounded more and more like the last, each generally being a crew of white guys trying their hardest to persuade the crowd of how hard they were, gangster they were, and during most of that I kept finding myself cringing at the thought of how ridiculous most of these performers were.

    Out of all of the groups that I did see, there were only two performers even worth a listen, two that were unlike the rest, and mostly original. One was a guy named John Hood and the other was named S-Co. These two guys had great production, they were experienced performers, had a good stage presence, and didn't come off cheesy like the rest.  I would have legitimately bout an album by either of these dudes.

    So after two hours and some change of performances by countless groups, most of which I never heard their names, there was a twenty minute gap of silence.  The small crowd grew smaller, and when I turned away from the conversation that I was holding with a friend I noticed that there were less than twenty people in the entire club. Shortly thereafter someone came on stage to announce that Lil Wyte wasn't going to be performing, and that people wanted refunds then they had to find this guy and get it back from him.  Apparently, he was paid up front and there wasn't a contract for him to perform, so he bailed on the show.  Either way about it, and regardless if there was a contract drafted up for the concert or not, this was one of the weakest events I've ever been to in my life, and it was completely unprofessional.  I would have had a true to life dilemma if I'd have endorsed this show and this nonsense would have gone down, but luckily I didn't, and I can just chalk it up as a loss of two hours of life that I will never get back.  If you're a current Lil Wyte fan I'd suggest you do some serious soul searching--and if you find him, let the fans who went to his show last night know. He owes them some money.

    Photo courtesy of: S-Co

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