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    Xtreme Ink helps Kentuckiana erase mistakes with new laser for tattoo removal
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    Tattoo removal isn't as expensive or painful as it used to be, although it can still be a time intensive process. Clarksville Tattoo artist Jason Maniloff makes the process easy and affordable with one of the most powerful removal lasers on the market - at ridiculously affordable prices.

    I recently went in for my first tattoo removal session at Xtreme Ink and Piercing in Clarksville. If you've never been there, I have to tell you it is the most beautiful parlour I've ever seen in the Kentuckiana area. Plush couches, big flat screen tvs, and wireless Xboxes keep you comfortable while you waint. The chairs are all in separate rooms with logo covered curtains closing them off to maintain privacy.

    Maniloff  has always taken the business seriously and made sure I understood the process fully; he let me watch another session before mine. I've always heard tattoo removal is more painful than getting the actual tattoo. While it did sting a little, it was nowhere near the same amount  of pain as the tattoo. Just when it started to hurt, it was over. Maniloff said that the laser he uses is less painful than other lasers because it only zaps actual areas with ink.  I was completely comfortable in the plush chair behind closed doors in a private and sterile room.

    My sister also had a session done while we were there, and she found the results far more effective than the seven sessions she had elsewhere first (for just a small skull on her finger). The previous places had told her she would not be able to get rid of a small red dot, but Maniloff's laser went right to work on it. 

    The Machine is called the Quanta Q-Switch + C laser. It has three different lasers in one machine, and each targets specific colors for removal.The 1064 yag is for black, brown and grey wash. The 694 ruby laser is for blue, purple, greens and shades of those colors, while the 532 KTP is for reds, pinks, orange, and yellows and shades of those colors.  Maniloff received tattoo removal training at A Laser Academy in Denver, CO and aced the exam with a score of 100%.

    "It was kind of funny," said Maniloff. "A lot of people think they have to go to a doctor's office for removal, but I got all the answers right on the final test, the other tattoo artists missed one, and the nurse practitioner, in the group missed 14 of the answers."

    Xtreme Ink and Piercing is definitely the cheapest in the area I've found at $25 per sq inch per session.  The dermatologist I consulted with wanted $100 for the same, which is about what my sister was paying. The tattoo removal room is a private and sterile room behind a  closed door.The shop is  located at 531 Eastern Blvd in Clarksville, IN. You can call them at 812-282-8282.

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    Jessica Lynn has been writing for since fall of 2010 and has also been published in LEO, Velocity, Voice-Tribune and others after serving as Editor in Chief of The JCC student newspaper, The Quadrangle. She has also served as columnist or contributing writer to an array of online publications.

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