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    In Beijing, China, yesterday afternoon, a wealthy businessman named Yang Lin complained to the manager of the KFC Restaurant over on Jinghan Avenue that he watched an employee handle the food in an unsanitary manner.   When the manager did not apologize or respond to the complaint in a manner satisfactory to Mr. Yang, the businessman placed an order for 2,000 family meals of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    KFC China 3.jpgWith 140,000 Yuan of cash ($22,000) available on his bank debit card, he figured he could keep the KFC staff busy the rest of the afternoon and thereby protect other potential customers from food poisoning.

    As the KFC staff started to fill Mr. Yang’s order, he began placing the buckets of fried chicken on the steps in front of the restaurant, along with some handwritten signs, saying, "Kentucky Health existence hidden," and "Food security exists a serious problem." (Translation from an English-language Chinese news site.)  After about two hours of buying buckets of chicken and placing them on display—and spending nearly 2,000 Yuan ($315)—the police arrived and Mr. Yang left.  Reports from the scene were inconclusive concerning the disposition of the 22 buckets of chicken.  It has been suggested that the cops confiscated them for “evidence.”

    KFC China 2.jpgMr. Yang, said to be about 30 years of age, told reporters, "I proposed improvements and apologize requirements indifferent, I had to protest in this way."  (Again, translation from Chinese news site.)  "I wanted to buy all their food so they couldn't poison anyone else and I wanted to warn people what sort of food they were eating," said Yang.  "I'm lucky to have made money in business so I can afford this protest. At first KFC wanted my money, but soon they were begging me to take it back," he added.

    The Chinese report continued:  “Yang said he is businessman, who with a lot of cash, plus carry bank card money, a total of about 14 million Yuan, the money is enough to protest in the end.  Afterward, the reporter with Yum (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. haskfcbucket1.jpg made contact, the person said, according to the State Food and Drug Administration food 2011395 food service food safety practices, Article 12 of the employees in direct contact with imported food process need to strictly enforce hand disinfection standards.”

    Yang finally agreed to end the bucket blockade after KFC managers in Wuhan, Hubei province, publicly apologized for their behavior and agreed to improve staff hygiene. 

    “KFC has developed more stringent food handling process, requiring employees to wear gloves produced directly imported food,” the company responded.  “Jinghan Avenue restaurant individual employees today do not in place, the company has its criticism and education. However, because the employee has a hand disinfection, customers do not have to worry about food safety issues,” they added.  (We do the translations, so you don't have to.)kfc tankman.jpg

    Finally, according to reporter  David Lei Zhu, “Yum also said KFC sincerely thank Mr. Yang's supervision, they have communicated with Mr. Yang, will pay attention to more details in future work.”

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