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    I love, love, love live music.  Most people are oblivious to their surroundings at concerts and how what they do affects other people.   I tend to be overly conscientious about this, although I really wish I wasn't.

    I go to a lot of concerts.  I just saw Boyz II Men at the Kentucky State Fair.  And, within the next couple of months, I'm planning on seeing Train, Maroon 5, Matt  Nathanson, Marc Broussard, John Mellencamp, Sade, John Legend, and Trombone Shorty!   
    Don't get me wrong, I think it's great for everyone to have fun, dance, sing, drink  and laugh.  But my concert-going experiences have led me to think of all of the bad, strange, and weird (not to mention rude) behaviors that occur.

    1.  The Drunk Person

    We've all seen them.  They've obviously had too much to drink, yet they still keeping  on drinking, spilling their drink and acting a fool.  I'm all for drinking, but let's  keep it under control, people.  Aren't we adults?  And, by the way, who's the  designated driver?

    2.  The Person Constantly Going To and From Their Seat

    Yes, I've been known to get up from my seat once or twice during a concert.  But those people who climb over you more than three times during a concert (make that six to  account for when they return) are clearly there for some other reason than watching  and enjoying the concert.  If you don't want to sit in your seat, go find somewhere to stand and watch the concert, preferably not blocking anybody else's view.

    3.  The Person Who Ignores the Smoking Area Rules

    Go for it! Enjoy your (legal) smokes, but please be considerate.  Don't smoke right in the middle of a crowd, either inside or outside if signs are posted that there are designated smoking areas.  Nobody likes smoke blowing in their face.  And please,  
    please, please don't smoke if children are sitting near you. That's just plain rude (not to mention unhealthy).  Go to the smoking area and please say excuse me because you're probably the person climbing over me about ten times (see #2).

    4.  The Person Singing Louder Than the Band

    Seriously?  We all know that song and we all know the words.  We really think the band  sings it better than you.  Tone it down a bit please.

    5.  The Person Who Insists on Standing Up The Whole Concert

    When it's a concert at a venue with seating, as I said, this person is always right in  front of me.  And usually six-foot tall. Murphy's Law, I guess.  Yes, I like to stand  up, too.  But please, when a slow song is playing and nobody else in the whole place is  standing up dancing, be polite and sit down and enjoy the music.  In venues with no seating, I realize we all have to stand up, but I want to think that if I was six foot or taller, I wouldn't try to stand right up front blocking everybody's view.  Maybe I'm just too considerate?

    6.  The Person Who Talks Loud on Their Cell Phone

    If your friend couldn't make it to the show, please don't give them the play-by-play over your cell phone.  Hang up and enjoy the concert you paid for.  We don't want to hear it.  Tell your friends about it later and make them jealous for missing a great show.

    7.  The Lovey-Dovey Couple

    Get a room already.  It's great you're in love and so attracted to each other.  But nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to see all that.  Sure, slow dance if you want or hold hands, but the rest of that mushy stuff, take it home please.  #1 and #5 also apply here.

    8.  The Person Who Tries to Videotape the Whole Concert on Their Cell Phone

    Really?  Sit back and enjoy the concert.  Video your favorite song.  But, don't try to hold your phone up in the air and videotape the whole thing.  The sound will be crappy  anyway.  All you'll mostly hear is the crowd.

    9.  The Person Who Gets There Late and Tries To Squirm Their Way Up Front

    When there is open seating, you need to get there early like everybody else and claim your spot.  I've been waiting here and you're late.  You're not getting my spot!

    Thanks for listening to my rant and letting me enjoy my concerts!

    Photo:  Alice Robinson

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    I'm a mother, grandmother, wife and sister that loves being on the, tai chi, music, movies, books, traveling, puzzles, live concerts, festivals, museums, name it. And I'm a lover of diversity, margaritas, Hostess Ho-Ho's and Gobstoppers.

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