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    Last night I gave a try to a beer from one of the newer craft brewers on the block being served up here locally - Hop Bomber from the Rivertown Brewing Company out of Cincinnati, Ohio.  You would think with such a fun name that I'd be able to be clever with my writing, but this is a beer with a fun name that promises high and under delivers.  Let me be the first to say that by no means is this a bad beer, it's actually quite a serviceable and drinkable brew, but I think the name can throw someone off who's never had it before. 

    It pours a beautiful amber red and the head, though frothy at the beginning, diminishes rather quickly.  It has a mild hop bite that doesn't linger long at all and finishes with little aftertaste.  Weighing in at 5.5% ABV and 60 IBU's it easy to have more than one of this American Pale Ale, and both and give it decent ratings with a score of 77 and a B respectively. 

    Maybe I'm just too caught up in semantics and am not giving the Hop Bomber a fair shake?  I would drink it again, but consider it a middle of the road type of beer.  You see the name and you build it up in your head to be more than it turns out to be.  Sort of like when a friend says that the movie they just saw is the funniest movie ever and then when you see it you just kind of chuckle a few times, it's a bit of a letdown. 

    Anyone else had it?  You can post your thoughts/opinions on my link to this article on the Lville Beer Facebook page or Facebook page.  Since we're talking about Facebook....

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