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    • The mention of Hot Browns, Benedictine spread and burgoo makes your mouth water.  
    • But, depending on your tastes, you also know where to get the best Thai, Vietnamese, Ethiopian or Cuban food in town.  

    • You are as comfortable in a baby-pink feathered and bedazzled fascinator as you are in a cowboy hat—and know of an appropriate occasion for each.

    • You know that when you are running late for work, there are no “shortcuts” through Cherokee Park.  It’s really just a myth perpetuated to trap you in an endless cycle of tree-covered inclines and roundabouts.

    • Your musical tastes vary greatly—from Katy Perry at the Yum! Center, to Brett Dennen at The New Vintage, to Moon Taxi and House Ghost for Waterfront Wednesday.

    • You’ve already asked off of work for the exclusive purpose of attending Forecastle.

    • Derby has become too touristy for you.

    • Oaks, however, is your social event of the year.

    • You know that there are very distinct differences in the types of people and establishments located in Old Louisville and NULU, but appreciate having both in the city.

    • You know that within the context of the last point that NULU isn’t botanical shorthand for nuphar lutea, a type of water lily.

    • Red or blue is your color—not both. (Unless you go to Bellarmine, in which case you can add “scarlet and silver” to the mix.)

    • And on that note, you can spend a good week compiling the perfect game day outfit in that color.   

    • Instead of having a guilty pleasure night of Ben and Jerry’s and Real Housewives of Orange County, you indulge in Derby Pie and Guntucky.

    • You know your craft beer and bourbon as well as any man, as well as the hippest places to imbibe.

    • As well as the hippest places for brunch. Brunch is a big deal here.

    • You either hate hipsters or you are one (or  really want to be one).

    • You look forward to the line-up at the Humana Festival every year—even if some of the experimental plays make little sense.

    • And you’ve seen at least one play or show at The Bard’s Town while chowing down on Shakespearean-themed dishes. MacDeath (By Goodness), anyone?

    • You’ve engaged in NuLu Stilleto skating.

    • You’ve had to experience the difficulty of maintaining a cohesive wardrobe despite erratic weather.

    • You realize that, while Louisville is one city, it really is just a collection of neighborhoods. And you pride yourself on knowing the best places to shop in each.

    Cover photo courtesy of Urban Farmhouse Market

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