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    Reviewing the Yum! Brands avant-garde.

    Ever bit into a juicy chicken nugget and thought, “I wish this was flat and dry”? Taco Bell’s got you. For $1.99 — 10 cents more than the cost of that 2 a.m. miracle, the beefy five-layer burrito — you get six chicken nuggets that look like someone’s toddler went to town on them with a triangle Playdoh cutter. Too soft to be chips, too thin to be nuggets, the naked chicken chips sacrifice texture for a gimmick that draws attention to the food-making process — something Taco Bell should probably avoid. Just how did this chicken get to be a triangle? I can’t help but picture grinders, tubes, pinkish paste. The “chips” taste exactly like that frozen Tyson chicken that comes in a bag, and the little cup of nacho cheese on the side doesn’t help. Save your dime and keep it classy — buy a $1.89 burrito instead. 

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    Staff writer Dylon Jones first contributed to the magazine in 2014 and joined the staff in 2015. He's written profiles, features, essays, criticism and reportage about a wide variety of topics and won awards for feature writing and profile writing from the Society of Professional Journalists. He is particularly interested in narrative journalism, the arts and LGBTQ experience. Jones is an award-winning poet with work published or forthcoming in Tinderbox Poetry Journal, The Collagist and Redivider.

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