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    No matter how many shoe baskets or closet space I allot for my children's shoes, they still continue to litter every possible pathway to the bathroom, just waiting to trip you on a midnight excursion there. They seem to multiply and clutter; I'm often jealous of their abundance, being a shoe lover myself, so I was shocked to realize last week that none of these countless pairs fit my kids anymore.  My poor daughter was squeezing her feet into a well-worn pair or kicks like a Japanese geisha.  Where does one find the best children's shoe deals in town?  They grow out of them so quickly, you know. Answer: The Outlet store in Sheperdsville, KY.

    Take I-65 South to exit 116 to experience the shoe steals from this outlet store.  My family walked away with eight pairs of shoes for $150.00.  I had priced Naturinos, a wonderful little Italian kids' shoe, for around $100 bucks online, and was able to purchase a pair of green suede Naturino boots for my daughter for $18.  They also had a huge selection of soccer cleats for boys and girls by Addidas and Puma ranging from $10-$30.  All-in-all it was well-worth the drive and my kids are pretty stylin'. 

    A few suggestions before you go: check coupons on-line and give them a call to see if they are having any sales.  Last weekend they were having their typical half-price sale, but added an additional 20% off at the register.  Also, be sure to check all the racks.  While there are a plethora of women's shoes, the children's shoes are a bit sparse (although I've never come home empty-handed) and shoes tend to be placed with the wrong size groupings.  I found my son a pair of 13s in the size 5 section...  Bring socks, they don't have any.  Bring your blinders, it's a sensory overload in there--shoes everywhere with haphazard organization.  And last, stock up if you can afford it.  There are one-of-a-kind pairs of shoes that may fit your kiddo next year--buy them--you'll never find them again. 

    Kids' shoes can be outrageous and I'm a firm believer in quality shoes, so this begins a bi-annual dilemma.  Either you buy cheap shoes that damage their feet and fall apart in a month, or you spend some cash and buy a pair that will remain sturdy and supportive (although beat to hell and back) for about six months (depending on their growth spurts). The Zappos outlet just down the road from Louisville, is a gem to discover.     

    Zappos Oulet 376 Blvd 

    (502) 921-4949

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