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    You may have seen her van (one she has named VANnessa) driving around the city of Louisville. But, what you may not have seen or may not know is what goes on inside of Beth King's "office". wanted to find out all about Beth and how she is busy making Louisville dogs happy and pretty!

    1. How did you get into dog grooming?

    When I was 20 years old I wanted to open a doggie day care. As I researched more about them, having a grooming service I decided I would just go to grooming school and do it myself. I graduated from Nash Academy of Animal Arts in 2001, the best grooming school in the nation! I realized that I had a natural talent for it and love doing it, so here I am… owner of my own mobile grooming service.

    2. Give us the basic details of how your system works:

    I come to your home or office in my specially built van and groom your furry friend inside my van, which I call Vannessa : ) Every dog gets their nails trimmed, ears cleaned and a luxury bath and conditioner using high quality, all natural products. Then hand blow dried, brushed out, and trimmed any way you like. For short haired dogs I work on getting out all of that shedding hair that’s all over your couch and that shirt you're wearing today. All of this is done in about an hour!

    3. What is the biggest benefit to using you instead of a traditional dog groomer?

    There are several benefits of using ZOOM N GROOM for your dog.
    -reduces stress on your pet because they feel at home in thier own driveway
    -I'm hands on with your dog from start to waiting in a cage
    -no exposure to other dogs
    -eliminates car transportation
    -one to one and a half hour service....Great for you and especially your pet!

    4. What services do you offer, and you can groom any dog of any size?

    Custom baths to suit your dogs skin and coat type, flea baths if necessary (lets hope not though!), and hand scissoring.

    5. How long does it typically take?

    Most dogs are done in about an hour.

    6. What is the most interesting story/dog you've had since you've gone "mobile"?

    I haven’t had any… yet. But, every day is a new adventure!

    7. What about Louisville makes your business a success?

    Louisville is a good city because Louisvillians are great about supporting local businesses...Thank you, Louisville!!!

    8. What is one thing you wish you could tell every dog owner that you may not have a chance (or the guts) to tell?

    Feed your dog the best food you can afford and exercise him/her more. Add in a great hair cut and shiny coat and you've got a healthy, happy dog.

    9. Tips for owners who may try to trim their dog’s hair/nails at home?

    Trimming and filing your dog’s nails at home is a good thing if you can do it. You don't want their nails to get too long and uncomfortable. As far as cutting your dogs hair at home, do you and your dog a favor and leave it to the pros. I've seen dogs with pieces of their ears cut out, eye injuries, and just plain old bad hair cuts from the owners trying to do it themselves… not good!

    10. What is your favorite thing about owning your own business?

    The best thing about owning my own business is being in control of the quality of overall service I can provide to my customers and their pets. I really get to know my clients well and enjoy seeing the dogs at home and happy. It's a lot of work, but the sense of freedom and accomplishment is unbeatable.

    11. For people looking to start their own business, what's one piece of advice you'd give them?

    Research, plan well, and be realistic with your goals and planning.

    12. Since this is tell us your favorite thing about Louisville or why you love it here?

    It’s so unique and diverse! I love how laid back and liberal is.

    To contact Zoom N Groom, please call Beth King at (502) 802-9328. And, remember to leave a message if she doesn’t answer… she’s busy making Louisville dogs beautiful!

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