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    “All I see are masks, masks, masks, masks, masks.” — Miles, my three-year-old



    1. Rolling Stone has joined the surge of media coverage about Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old woman who was shot and killed by LMPD officers in her apartment on March 13. And from the Washington Post: Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, “gets emotional when she considers that she was more concerned with her daughter’s safety as a health-care worker than she was about her being safe in her own home.” Palmer recalled how she had been telling Taylor, an EMT, “Make sure you wash your hands.”


    2. Louisville Magazine is dedicating this year’s Best of Louisville to the high school class of 2020, and I’m still working on interviewing every single local senior (286 and counting). Here are the questions. Please forward to a high school senior, or somebody who knows a high school senior, or somebody who knows somebody who knows a high school senior.
                New York magazine art critic Jerry Saltz says your quarantine nickname is how you feel right now + the last thing you ate out of the cupboard. Here’s how some seniors answered:
    “Pissed Pop-Tart.” — Madison Tarter, Eastern High School
    “Stressed-out Cheez-It.” — Lydia Holland, Assumption High School
    “Melancholy Froot Loops.” — Sophiya Geary, Ballard High School
    “Bored Pringle.” — Barrett Hall, North Bullitt High School
    “Moody Peanut Butter.” — Gabrielle Ward, Jeffersonville High School
    “Nostalgic Ziti.” — Sam Adams, Manual High School


    3. “I can’t remember the last time I hugged my six-year-old. It’s probably been four weeks since I’ve touched him, and same with my husband. (Her voice breaks.) And that’s the hardest thing. My husband says that as long as I shower and I don’t touch them, he won’t banish me to another room.” — an excerpt from the Louisville Magazine interview Jenni Laidman did with Dr. Valerie Briones-Pryor, the medical director of the hospitalist program of U of L Health.


    4. This week’s LEO cover story details the economic fallout from the cancelation of the music festivals Forecastle, Hometown Rising, Louder Than Life and Bourbon & Beyond. Mayor Fischer told LEO, “A lot of cities to me are pretty generic and we have a lot of soul and authenticity here and these festivals are a front door for people to experience that.”


    5. In anticipation of the Sunday finale of The Last Dance, the 10-part Michael Jordan documentary, I called my neighbor Billy Rapaport, a TV producer who got to know MJ in the 1990s as the senior field director of a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Take it away, Billy Across the Street: 
                “This is maybe 20 years ago. Michael was walking from the green to the tee on the seventh hole when I noticed a father holding a little baby. I mean, the kid couldn’t have been — when do they start saying mama and dada? The kid is fully decked out: little Air Jordan shoes, the socks, Bulls outfit. When Michael walked down this lane, this kid’s eyes opened up and he looked up at him and pointed at him and said, ‘Jordan, Jordan.’”
                And an MJ gambling story: “We were playing blackjack together at a casino in Tahoe. I was betting, max, $25 a hand. That was a lot of money to me. Michael knows I’ve been winning a little bit, but I have no chips on the table. A lot of people keep their stack of chips on the table just to feel the energy of it. But every time I’d win, I’d stick the chips in my pocket, so I had maybe a thousand dollars’ worth of chips bulging in my pockets. So Michael says to me, ‘I thought you were winning?’ I got up out of the seat and looked down and pointed toward my pockets. He goes, ‘Man, what are you doing? You’re a pack rat.’”



    Haven’t driven my car since March 13. And I’ve only filled up my wife’s van’s gas tank once since then, and it was already half-full. Seventy-one cents a gallon with my Kroger discount. But we have nowhere to go. And at his news conference yesterday, Gov. Beshear said, “If you are thinking about going to the beach right now it is still very dangerous.” I’ve resorted to traveling vicariously through the Louisville Magazine archive, specifically a February 1987 cover shoot in Jamaica, with photos and story by John Nation, who wrote, “The salt air and refreshing breeze smelled of orchids and exotic flowers, occasionally mixed with the pungent odor of ‘ganja,’ which our guide unnecessarily explained was everywhere.”



    Thanks for the weekly feedback. Some have suggested that I should jump right into the FIVE each week, instead of kicking off the newsletter with a question. Last week, though, I did ask: What part of your new routine will you continue after quarantine? A few reader responses:
    “Having one or two days a week where I have no plans and no commitments, where I get up in the morning and ask myself what I want to do, not remind myself of the clock and my schedule. I’m retired, yet I found myself needing a staycation before this pandemic. This has taught me I can in fact slow down and my life does not become meaningless, as I had feared it would.” — Marilyn Whisler
    “Reflecting on 10 things I’m grateful for at the end of each day.” — Lennie V. Omalza 
    “Morning meditations, walks and hugging my husband more.” — Harriette Friedlander 
    “Washing my hands for the full 20 seconds. It has made my hands softer and my nails stronger.” — Constance Williams

                Last week, I also mentioned how Colin Moore, co-owner of the Louisville Game Shop on Bardstown Road, had a prophetic board game suggestion in the January 2018 issue of Louisville Magazine: Pandemic. Moore emailed to say that this year the store remained open until March 23, then did a few days of curbside delivery. Yup, Pandemic “flew off the shelves.” What else was popular as lockdown loomed? “Gloomhaven is long and involved and has an epic campaign mode that takes many, many sessions to play through,” Moore says. “It’s perfect for staying home.”

    Thanks for reading,

    Josh Moss
    Editor, Louisville Magazine


    Louisville Magazine couldn’t do the work we do without support from hundreds of businesses and organizations over the years. I thanked 26 of them two weeks ago, and another 26 last week, one for each letter of the alphabet. With the final episode of the Michael Jordan doc in mind, let’s go for the three-peat.
                Angel’s Envy, Blessings in a Backpack, Catholic Education Foundation, Durbin Plumbing, Edenside Gallery, Forecastle Festival, Germantown Mill Lofts, Havana Rumba, Indiana Tourism, Jefferson Memorial Forest, Ken Combs Running Store, Louisville City FC, Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center, Nu-Yale Cleaners, Old Forester, Park Community Credit Union, Louisville Equestrian Center (see the q?), Revelry Boutique Gallery, Seviche, Taste of West Louisville, U of L Athletics, Vietnam Kitchen, Wellspring, Louisville Executive Aviation (see the x?), Yew Dell Botanical Gardens, ZA’s Pizza Pub.

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