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    A collected Ivy Brashear introdcued Kentuckians for the Commonwealth an
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    The ambiance of the Brown Theater provided an inviting environment for the stellar performance by influential and talented artists.  Supporters of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth along with a host of sponsors from around Kentucky introduced the evening and the organization with a short documentary featuring Ivy Brashear, a self-described activist and native to the mountains of Kentucky.  The informative film focused on Brashear’s idea of home and her continuing efforts to preserve the land so many people call home. Her message called attention to the destructive mountaintop removal mining process and the need to navigate to renewable, clean energy sources. 

    The audience applauded as Ivy Brashear walked on stage to introduce herself and her continued support of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.  Fans readily saw her dedication to her beliefs as she spoke in a true and eloquent manner. The stage was set with instruments to be played by Yim Yames of My Morning Jacket, Louisville music artist Ben Sollee, Singer-Songwriter Daniel Martin Moore, and percussionist Dan Dorff.  Co-authors of Something's Rising, Silas House and Jason Howard were also on hand with readings concerning the violation of land in mountainous Kentucky.  Awareness of such actions taking place in rural areas in the Commonwealth is sometimes overshadowed in the media in larger cities, such as Louisville and Lexington. 

    This benefit brought the issues to the forefront for residents in Louisville and solidified the concrete beliefs held by those who reside in the affected areas as well as supporters from around the Commonwealth.  The show went on quite well and pleased the audience as steady applause filled the theater following performances.  Opportunities to support the mission of Ivy and so many others were prevalent as t-shirts, stickers, and posters were readily available.  Membership in Kentuckians for the Commonwealth was made easy for attendees as organizers added forms to the programs for the evening’s performance.  Further information about Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and their goals are readily available at