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    About Me: 
    I am a local photographer with a love for sports and music. Sometimes, I even like both at the same time. I absolutely love the University of Louisville, and for the past year and a half, I have been interning with the Social Media Department as a photographer. I love it. Other things I love: Manual transmissions, Coca Cola, Taylor Swift, pineapples, Instagram, Zucchini bread, fluffy dogs, and acoustic guitars.
    What I Love About Louisville: 
    It has been said about a billion times that Louisville is the perfect combination of a small town and a big city. I think those billion people are onto something. I play a game any time I go out in public that I call "I bet I can find someone I know before you can find someone you know". It's a really long name for a game, but it gets the point across. I love being able to find people I know in just about every place I go. I also love college sports here. Have I mentioned that?


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