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    About Me: 
    Born and raised in Louisville, I have lived here most of my life (except during a short furlough, when I, lovelorn and naive, followed a girl to Baton Rouge). My roots are here, my family, my friends, and my life are all here. I work primarily as a free-lance writer for a few local and regional publications. I have also written two books (one a memoir, the other a novel) that barring some divine intervention, will probably never see the light of day. I find myself deeply ingrained in the local bar scene, or perhaps better said, I often indulge in the local drinking culture. I love music, movies, comedy, and really just about any other live performance art.
    What I Love About Louisville: 
    I feel like Louisville is a town with an identity crisis - we're too far north to be south, too far south to be north. We're too far east to be mid-west, and too far west to be east-coast. Too big to be a small town, and yet way too small be an urban mecca. I feel like this crisis has created a beautiful smear throughout this town, which has allowed us to embrace and indulge in every aspect culture - from music to theater to the culinary arts, Louisville is so broad in its cultural offerings, how can you not love this town?


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