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    About Me: 
    I'm a shopping addict on a budget who loves everything from one-of-a-kind boutique finds to the clearance sales at Macy's. I celebrate the small things in life, like $8 Gap jeans, the perfect V-neck tee at Target, and Zappos outlet sales. My passions include ridiculously high heeled shoes, celebrity gossip, chocolate, fashion photography, coffee, Muse, gin, and my amazingly patient boyfriend and his vivacious 4 year old who isn't afraid to tell me when my shirts are "soooo ugly!" I write a style blog called "" which is a reflection of my love for all things fashion.
    What I Love About Louisville: 
    I love Louisville because it forces one to step outside of their typical shopping standbys. Without stores like Nordstrom, H&M, and Trader Joe's, we're forced to find new and interesting places to pick up clothes and other local finds. I also love that I bought a beautiful home here on 2 acres with a pond for 1/2 of the rent I paid in San Francisco. Louisville is always surprising and never disappointing in its ability to attract incredible musical talent from stadium-fillers like Lady Gaga to the best local band I've ever seen - The Floorwalkers from Columbus OH. I love it here and am proud to be a transplant!


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