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Louisville.com is the Derby City's source on where to go and what to do. Founded in 1996, Louisville.com is the oldest and largest independent website in the market. We specialize in locally produced editorial content on music, arts, theater, sports, entertainment and food and dining, and we maintain the region's most comprehensive events calendar.


Publishers: Watson Courtenay, Dan Crutcher

Editor-in-Chief: Elizabeth Myers

Executive Assistant: Michelle Eigenheer

Editorial Intern: Krista Walker

Contributing writers:

  • Family and parenting— Erin Nevitt, Kachina Shaw, Kirsten Clodfelter
  • Food and dining—Krystin Robertson, Brandon Vigliarolo, Megan McDougal
  • Bourbon — Maggie Kimberl
  • Health and fitness—Ashlie Danielle Stevens, Bella Portaro, Silvana Hill
  • Music—Jenna Foster, Selena Frye, David Phillips, Alex Petersen, Brent Owen, Michael Lambert, Will Ford, Brittany Vincent
  • Society— Lauren O'Neil, Jessica Lynn, Michelle Eigenheer, Aimee Jewell. Josh Cook
  • Sports—Tim Girton, Jessie Oswald, Taylor Ichinose
  • Theater—Brian Kennedy, Michelle Rynbrandt, Julie Lamb, Rebecca Michelle Ball
  • Fashion—Josh Johnson, Sieanna Fuller, Mikayla Lott, Meghan Blackburn
  • Visual Arts—Becca Livingston, Anthony Nowicke

Photographers: Glenn Hirsch, Josh Lee, Max Sharp, Laura Wood, Jared Burnett, Donald Vish, Robert Metzger, Mary Slinger

Contact information

Phone: 502-625-0100

Fax: 502-625-0109

Address: 137 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd., Suite 102, Louisville, KY 40202

E-mail: [email protected]

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